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Hi welcome to our site. 

Celestial Knights is currently recruiting for ICC 10.


- Resto Druid

- Boomkin

- Holy Pally

- Elemental Shammy

What we look for in a player:

- Mature

- Good Attitude

- Team Player

- Interested in Progression

A combination of Resto Druid/Boomkin or Holly Pally/Prot Pally spec is highly preffered. All other class and spec will be considered. For more info, pst or send an in game mail to Arkaz.

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Raid Points

Arkaz, Jun 18, 10 4:53 AM.
ICC 10
/ast update 6/22/10

Guild Members
Arkaz: 24
Eviltaco: 1
Iakstuel: 6
Lyssix: 15
Pretlik: 3
Sindroth: 14
Stormkrow: 23
Vankind: 1

Ab: 5
Peristalsis: 0
Tevlan/Zevlan: 11
Themistocles: 22
Stormalong: 26
Verran: 13

Raid Loot Rule

Arkaz, Jun 10, 10 5:49 AM.

Raid Points: Are earned per character to a specific raid and are used to bid or re-roll on drop items.

Raid Point Reward:

+1 Responding to raid invite no later then 3 days before raid date.
(as long as there is a respond no matter what it is they get a point)

+1 Showing up early in group 30min before raid time.
(must be in raid group to get a point)

+1 Boss Kill
(If a persons alt is used in the raid other then the character that was invited to benefit the team, both characters will earn a point)

-2 Player is online in Arena, Dungeon, BG, or Raid 15min prior to raid time.  
(Even if the raid group is not ready, players should be waiting in raid group or at least not involved in any of the activity above.)

Using Raid Points:

Bid: Used on item drops for people in our guild and regulars in our raid group.

-Main Spec vs Off Spec
(main spec has piroty over off spec)

-Main Char vs Alt
(main character has piroty over alt unless the alt was used to benefit the group)

-Main Char off spec vs Alt main spec
(main characters off spec is treated as main spec vs an alts off spec unless the alt was used to benefit the group. what this means is the main char can roll on items as if they were his main spec vs an alt)

Re-roll: Used on item drops for people in our guild and regulars in our raid group against people that are PUG in.

-People off spec is treated as main spec vs PUG person.

-Main Char vs Alt vs PUG
(everyone rolls. Main char and Alt may use points to re-roll vs PUG.When the PUG has lost on the roll then Bid comes in place)

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